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Spend 50 euros or more on food at our online store and we can offer free delivery anywhere along the coast from St Remo to St Tropez and inland to Grasse & Vence and the surrounding areas.



We currently have three drivers delivering across the Riviera & Var every day Monday to Friday.

Andrew, Adrien & Jorys

All very polite and friendly young men, all with many years of trustworthy and loyal service.

They fit your Geoffreys Home Delivery into their existing wholesale routes to various Supermarkets, Campsites & Ski Resorts across our region.

Details of their routes and delivery days can be found on our Homepage.


Mrs S from Cap d'Ail says :

We have just received our christmas order although I have lived here since 1994 it is the first time I have ordered from you.

I want to especially thank you for your efficiency, good value and amazing service.

The person who delivered to us was so very kind and friendly which honestly makes all the difference.

I will definitely order again.

Thank you for this positive experience and a very happy christmas to you and all the team!!!




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